Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin

All of our training courses are a short 2-hours of interactive lessons taught at your organization. If you’re an individual looking to attend a session, contact for more information.

Training Courses

For All Employees


Conflicts That Matter

What’s making you avoid difficult conversations at work? Maybe you don’t want to rock the boat, don’t know how to start, or afraid of how the other person will react. What, or who, are you steering clear of today? We’ve all been there -- and with the right techniques, we can learn how to navigate seemingly awkward conversations and turn them into learning experiences that speed our personal growth.

Communication Hacks

Why do some people just have to be the way they are? You may know someone who is habitually argumentative, someone who rambles too much, or someone who appears to always question your work. In this workshop, you’ll learn the different behaviors in the workplace and how to adapt your communication style to increase collaboration, build allies, and influence others.

Conversations, Not Presentations

Here’s Tip #1 from this workshop: Take the “public” out of “public speaking” and that’s half the battle — you’re now just “speaking” to people. In this highly hands-on session you’ll receive plenty of opportunities to practice your conversation presentation skills in front of others and receive immediate feedback. Maybe your goal is to get over your nervousness, or maybe you want advanced tricks that set you apart from other people. This workshop has something for everyone at all levels.

Accepting Feedback

When we receive constructive feedback from our managers or peers, we may feel defensive, or that we did wrong and allow the past incident to follow us. Instead, we should accept and take advantage of these well-intended opportunities to develop our career and personal growth. This workshop will help us self-diagnose our natural reactions to feedback and uncover actions we can take to continuously improve our skills at work.

Training Courses

For Managers


A ManageR’s Perspective

Ever wonder if you’re getting this whole management thing down? Maybe you got promoted because you’re really good at what you do technically, but realized that the people-side of things is a whole different animal. In this workshop, we’ll highlight the central themes all managers (no matter your level of experience) should incorporate in their practice to build productive, effective and high-performing teams.

Delivering Feedback

Being able to provide ongoing, clear and effective feedback is one of the most beneficial skills any manager can master; meanwhile, it’s also the skill that most managers fail to exercise. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to give the gift of feedback to promote positive behavior or improve unfavorable performance.

Developing others

Studies show that one of the best ways to keep your team members productive, happy and engaged at work is to continuously feed them with knowledge, exposure, and opportunities to grow. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the developmental conversations you can have to maximize employee output along with the key elements that help employees thrive at work.

Training Courses

For Facilitators


Training Wheels

Want to learn expert facilitation and instructional design skills? Interested in teaching Feed Learning courses at your company? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make learning stick by engaging the audience in interactive exercises and designing a safe and comfortable space for people to learn.